STAR House Foundation supports its mission through theSTAR house thank you to Rotary generosity of private and corporate foundations, grants, local business, fund-raising efforts and of course individual contributions. Over the last few years, the generosity of our community has allowed STAR House to expand from one program that served just a few children to three programs that serve over 250 children.


STAR House supports students all the way from kindergarten through 8th grade through one feeder school system. We have started a second feeder system by adding another elementary school this past year. Our goal is to support our students as they move from grade to grade, and school to school, as they prepare to continue their academic journey and plan for their future.


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Here is just a sampling of what investor generosity allows us to provide:

  • $10,000 provides full academic support AND summer camp for 7 at-risk youth
  • $5,000 provides full academic support to 4 at-risk children for the entire school year
  • $1,000 provides snacks AND supplies daily for 10 at-risk children throughout the school year
  • $500 summer camp for 4 at-risk children
  • $100 after school snacks and school supplies for one child for the school year
  • $1+ – every dollar makes a difference

Please see the Donate page for details about financial giving and become a STAR House supporter.

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As in any educational program, STAR House students need tools and resources to be successful in their academic studies.  In-kind donations are always welcome.


If you would like to organize a supply or snack drive, please refer to our SNACK DONATION LIST to learn more about the needs within our program. Thank you in advance for your help!