Meet our STAR Volunteer

This year the students at Elkins Pointe Middle School were fortunate to have the volunteer services of fellow student, Matt Ghering. Initially, Matt came to STAR House as a volunteer at our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  Matt would accompany his mom and Board Member, Kathy Ghering, as a server to this event.  With her encouragement, Matt stayed after school a few times and enjoyed helping others with their schoolwork, finding it to be a lot of fun.

When asked what his favorite volunteer experience has been thus far, Matt said, “When the kids got their progress report and their grades <strong>rocke</strong><strong>d</strong>!”  Matt feels that STAR House helps kids keep their grades up by doing schoolwork and projects while being supervised after school. Matt thinks other students at Elkins Pointe might enjoy getting involved too; believing kids who are interested have an opportunity to help at their own school!

At STAR House we feel so fortunate to have Matt Ghering on our team of volunteers; his dedication to our program is truly making a difference.  STAR House director, Roland Korbesmeyer appreciates Matt, “not only for the help he provides to the academics, but the inspiration of lending a hand.”

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