Spring Time Brings Generosity from the St. Ives Charity Guild

Spring is always beautiful in Atlanta, and more so because of the generosity of the St. Ives Charity Guild. The St. Ives Charity Guild’s mission is to provide opportunities for their members to perform charitable services and to provide resources for service organizations and institutions.

Each year their membership gathers to hear an update on STAR House and to assemble Easter baskets for the sixty children attending STAR House at Mimosa Elementary School. The baskets are filled with love and bring joy to our students. The bright eggs are filled with erasers, pencils, stickers, small toys, stuffed animals and a little chocolate. It is a favorite activity for the Charity Guild and STAR House!

This year STAR House Foundation was presented with a check for $5,000 for our Annual Campaign. Funds for this donation came in part from their general funds and in part from the Clara O’Brien Fund. STAR House Foundation is grateful for all of the love and on-going support from the St. Ives Charity Guild.