Early STAR House locationHundreds of children have benefited from STAR House Foundation over the years. Thanks to a few teachers who had the vision and the determination to fill the gap for a few students that really needed help, STAR House is still fulfilling that mission. Those founding teachers took it upon themselves to create a very successful model to mentor and teach that first class of students. How they felt about learning and why STAR House matters echoes in the words of today’s students and parents as well.


early_SH_classSTAR House is very important for our children. It’s a very interesting and important program that helps them with prices and games and motivates them to keep trying. The people from this program are very creative and we are proud of STAR House.”



early_SH_classroom“I have three children currently in the after school program, which has been a blessing for our family. Both my husband and I are employed in low paying jobs. Without this program it would be an extreme hardship on my family. This after school program helps ensure the safety of my children and other children in the program. The employees also assist the children with their homework.”

-Maria V.


“STAR House is very good and is of great help for parents. I am grateful for the help they give me the entire year for my children Flor, Patricia and Saul. I am also thankful for the snack and gifts, not to mention the summer camp where they gave away the backpack and lots of other useful things and more. Please continue to help and thanks for everything.”

-Maria A.


STAR House FoundationMost of us can reflect our lifes with the butterfly lesson. It’s about the butterfly’s intent to come out from the cocoon’s tiny hole, this struggle is needed because it forces fluid from the butterfly’s body to it’s wings preparing it for it’s flight. Sometimes stuggles are needed in life to make us stronger because without obstacles it will only cripple us. This is the best way to describe my journey in life starting from Elemantary im pretty sure You’ve heard my story coming from school going straight to STAR House to try to finish all my homework and prepare for future test! Than we waited anxoiously for the test results, and I failed the test.


I felt embarrassed, frustrated and disappointed because all of those long hours of studying, all I wanted was to give up. Sometimes I wonder why I had such a hard time and I’ve came to the conclusion that I wasn’t fully concertrated. Getting off the school bus going straight to homework when I really wanted to go play, having family problems or Just having my mind somewhere else. But there was Ms. Nina and other voulnteers that believed in me that always gave me the Hope to keep on trying! they made me stronger by not doing my homework, or telling me the answers instead they would try other ways to teach me so I could understand Thank you for not making me cripple. Thanks to all the support and encouragment I can consider myself a strong butterfly ready to fly. I was able to graduated in 2004 and hope to go back to school someday! I’ve worked in several jobs since I graduated and learned many things from each Job! I got married May 23, 2009 and just recently, God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl Victoria the New STAR House Generation! although I hope she’ll be much smarter than mommy.