After-School Programs

Elementary Schools

STAR House after-school programs are held within Esther Jackson Elementary School, Mimosa Elementary School and Vickery Mill Elementary School. Each site enrolls 72 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  There are six students and one academic coach for each grade level. The families receive all of the benefits of our program at no cost to them.

Schools Served

Esther Jackson Elementary School

Mimosa Elementary School

Vickery Mill Elementary School

Typical Day

  • 2:30 Arrive at STAR House
  • 2:45 STAR Time & Journal Writing begins
  • 3:15 Snack & Restroom
  • 3:30 Homework, Curriculum & One-On-One Tutoring
  • 5:00 Program ends

Students enjoy an interactive homework time and our coaches check each student’s homework. When homework is complete, there are supportive reading activities (free reading, literacy & math skills on tablets and educational games). This time lasts for an hour and a half for children in their grade level groups. Friday afternoon sessions are devoted to special activities such as visits from artists, judges, musicians, pilots and lawyers who come in to talk about their careers and life experiences. Staff emphasizes 21st century skills — courage and honesty, teamwork, cooperation and responsibility — in all aspects of the STAR House program.

Key Focus Areas

Character Development
Health & Wellness
Academic Support
Literacy & Math Intervention

Real Impact

My favorite part about STAR House is the teachers. They help me with my homework. Our teachers are kind and generous. They are very nice people and that is why I love STAR House. — Claire

Direct services and activities provided by all programs include:

  • Coaches who encourage and require students to attend STAR House on an ongoing basis.

  • Provision of educational supplies which promote ongoing learning and academic improvement, including access to supplemental curriculum, reference materials and educational workbooks focused on English Language Arts (ELA), Phonics, Math, and Science.

  • Daily provision of nutritious snacks.

  • Access to an environment for English Language Learners (ELL’s) to develop greater fluency in English.

  • Small group and one-on-one tutoring in core subjects to reinforce and retain curriculum learned in the classroom, including homework completion and exercises reinforcing the application of knowledge acquired during daily classroom learning.

  • Test preparation activities through practice exercises and instruction on study skill enhancement techniques including time management and accountability.

A Helping Hand When It Counts Most

Sometimes my parents can’t help me with my homework. STAR House is there for me to help me like another family for us. They are my second family. — Diana