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STAR House supports low-income, academically at-risk children by providing after-school tutoring, school supplies, leadership activities and recreational programs.  During the school year, we require STAR House students to attend school, complete homework and participate in class. We believe STAR House should provide a consistent, nurturing, diverse and challenging atmosphere. We strive to offer a caring, encouraging and supportive environment to the community. Each child at STAR House is given individual attention within a group, allowing them to progress according to their own development rates. We instill self-esteem, confidence and a love of learning by providing tools for academic success.

Elementary Coach – Mimosa Elementary (After-School Position)

Coaches assist our students with homework completion, test preparation, and provide supplemental educational instruction covering core subjects (Reading/English Language Arts (RELA), Phonics, Math and Science), which reinforces the curriculum covered during daily classroom learning. In addition, coaches provide guidance toward improving study skills, time management, and accountability. Each coach is responsible for one grade level, 12 students.

Position Applying: STAR House Coach at Mimosa Elementary

Elementary School Program: 1:45PM-5:15PM *

* STAR House runs concurrent with Fulton County Schools Calendar

I am applying for a part-time position working Monday-Friday afternoons (3.5 hours per day)

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I authorize STAR House Foundation, Inc. to utilize a background check, including the use of law enforcement authorities, and I release STAR House Foundation, Inc. from any liability based on such release.
I understand that as a STAR House volunteer I am a mandated child abuse reporter for the state of Georgia and will be required to complete a training program prior to working with children.
I understand volunteer positions are assigned on the availability of an appropriate assignment.
I have read and agree to follow the guidelines and regulations that govern STAR House Foundation, Inc.
I will inform the Director or staff members of any behavioral problems, conflicts or grievances with peers, volunteers, staff members or otherwise.
I hereby agree to always consider the children’s best interest while volunteering at STAR House.
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