Over 80% of our STAR House students qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Each day STAR House provides healthy snacks to the children participating in our program, distributing over 37, 000 snacks per year.  Mayo Clinic research states that healthier snacking not only curbs hunger throughout the day, but provides energy and important nutrients. Help our students by providing a donation of nutritious snacks. This will ease hungry tummies during after-school hours, making it easier for students to focus on their academics.

As an educational program, STAR House students need academic tools and resources to succeed. We welcome school supply donations to ensure our students have the equipment needed to forge ahead with their studies.

How Can I Help?

Check out ways to make a tax-deductible gift to STAR House Foundation:

Snacks & Supplies

As in any educational program, STAR House students need tools and resources to succeed in their academic studies. We need and appreciate school supply donations.

Gift Cards

Gift cards help us address our needs for snacks, school supplies and curriculum as they arise.

Amazon Wishlist

Please help fulfill our Amazon wish list by shopping directly from our AmazonSmile link. Amazon will donate .5% of every purchase back to STAR House!

Other Ways to Help

Give Time

Your time is a valuable resource. Volunteer to guide children as they overcome daily challenges both in and out of the classroom. Provide the foundation they need to succeed. Volunteer today.

Give Money

Your gift to STAR House is an investment in a child’s future. With each dollar you donate, you impact a child’s academic journey and personal development. Invest in a child’s life.