After-School Programs

STAR House teachers always keep an eye out for students in their classrooms who can benefit from our programs. Those teachers know academic success starts with a strong foundation and grows with consistent, supportive progress monitoring. The earlier a child’s need for assistance is identified, the more likely the child will succeed in school.

STAR House programs are currently available in five Title I Public Schools:
Esther Jackson Elementary School, Mimosa Elementary School,  Vickery Mill Elementary School, Elkins Pointe Middle School and Holcomb Bridge Middle School.

Elementary Schools

The early elementary years are particularly important ones in children’s schooling. Children have the potential to acquire new skills and knowledge rapidly during these years. Research shows that average annual learning gains for children in grades K-2 are dramatically greater than those for subsequent years of school. Moreover, the outcomes of early elementary education, particularly whether or not a child can read proficiently by third grade, are a powerful predictor of later school and life outcomes. Elementary education is the first step we take in life; we will never run if we don’t learn to walk first.

Middle Schools

Middle schoolers need learning environments that ignite their curiosity and empower them to be active community participants. The middle grades are the “make it or break it” years, when some students begin to disengage from school, increasing the likelihood they will not complete high school. STAR House has developed an engaging after-school middle school program to target students who are economically disadvantaged and struggling academically. By identifying these students and offering them support and guidance, STAR House can reduce their risk of dropping out and propel them on their journey towards graduation.

Summer Camp Program

Our Summer Camp Program bridges the gap between the school year and summer. We provide a supportive environment that helps academically at-risk children set new goals and develop self-confidence, responsibility and leadership. Each week we feature new activities and invite the community to interact with our kids in fun, educational ways which foster an atmosphere of excitement and variety throughout the summer. Each camp year includes a field trip to a museum, aquarium, cultural performance or other special place or event.