Teachers in the Roswell public schools we work with are on the lookout for children in their classrooms that can benefit from STAR House after school programs. Those teachers know that academic success starts with a strong foundation and consistent monitoring of progress along the way. The earlier they can identify a child’s need for assistance, the more likely the child is going to succeed in school.
STAR House programs are currently available in four Roswell public schools: Mimosa Elementary School, Esther Jackson Elementary School, Elkins Pointe Middle School, and Holcomb Bridge Middle School. Although program details vary in each school, all participating students “attend” STAR House within their own school building. A Site Director manages the students each day in designated classrooms, with volunteer coaches helping to enforce our strict ratio of 12:1 adults to students.
STAR House teachers and volunteers form strong bonds with the children through a consistent routine. In addition to homework, our volunteers read in younger classes, speak in older classrooms, and mentor students of all ages. Being there every day for the children in a less structured environment, with appropriate adult supervision, is the best way to reach them.


STAR House is supported by amazing people who dedicate their personal time to help children in need. Some of our coaches have been with the program since its inception in 1993, and most have been helping us for many years. The retention of instructors has been an important asset for the programs.
Please contact our site directors if you have any questions regarding the services provided by their program.
Mimosa Elementary School
Site Director: Noura Abdi-Tabari
Esther Jackson Elementary School
Site Director: Susan Fox
Elkins Pointe Middle School
Site Director: Liz Cote
Holcomb Bridge Middle School
Site Director: Sandy Fitzgerald